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Before Booking Trans-Escort Get Familiar with The Glossary Used in This Arena

People born with female or male anatomies have a feeling that they are in a wrong body. Such people can be identified as transsexual or transgender. It is an issue with gender identity. However, the taboo regarding transgender people revealing their identity in the society is getting reduced slowly.

Today, escort trans are in demand. In Paris, even straight people come in search for trans women on website like LOveSita. If you desire to spend time with a trans-woman does not mean you have an issue with your sexual identity. Majority of men have a desire but don’t speak out loudly. Before you book a trans escort get to know their jargons.

Glossary used in transgender and transsexual arena

BDSM – BDSM can be divided into 3 sub-categories – Bondage or Discipline, Dominance or Submission and Sadism or Masochism. It is an umbrella word where majority of kinky sex activities fall. It involves beating, tying, or humiliating for sexual gratification or arousal.

Bisexual – Person who can enjoy sexual relationship with their own and opposite gender.

Bi-Curious – The man claims to be straight but desires to engage in bisexual lifestyle.

Cisgender – A person not a transgender can be called cisgender.

Coming out – Approving publicly and to oneself that the person is transgender. It is derived from ‘Come out of closet’ used in the gay community.

Cross-dresser – Person who has the habit of wearing opposite sex clothes. For example, a man wears female clothes or a lady puts on male outfits every now and then. Never confuse such people as transsexual person.

Cruiser – Person who enters the chat-room with an intention to find sexual victims or partners.

Cyber-sex – It is generally talking dirt over the phone or through a computer and enjoy intimacy without paying.

Dildo – Dildos and dilators differ. The former is a sex toy that gets inserted within her vagina for sexual purpose. They are even used in anal sex. Dilator is a medical device called stent. 

Drag King – A female who dresses as a male.

Drag Queen – A male who dresses as a female

Dyke – Alternative word for a lesbian.

Escort – Hired companion for traveling or socializing but is also a term associated with prostitutes.

Fetish – It is an inoffensive object that excites people sexually. T can include panties, sex toys, shoes, etc.

FTM – Person born with an anatomy of a female but plans to undergo Phaloplasty and SRS. FTM is short for Female-to-Male transgender.

FFS – It means Facial Feminization Surgery. The surgery alters the features of a male’s face and gives a more feminine look. Male-to-Female [MTF] transgender.

Fuck-Tard – A harsh word for an irresponsible person who repeatedly violates the room rules. 

G.M. – Genetic male anatomically born with X & Y chromosomes.

G.G. – Genetic Girl anatomically born with X and X chromosomes.

Homosexual – People who prefer enjoying sex with partner of their own gender.

Katoey – Thai or Asian term for female impersonator or transsexual person.

Lesbian – Women who enjoys sexual relationship with another female.

Neo-vagina – It is a surgically created vagina.

Sissy boy – A guy who gets aroused when forced to play the role of slave girl in BDSM rituals.

You can go on the internet and get familiar with the variety of such words used in the transgender sector. 

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