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Best Telugu Motivational Movies

Do movies impact the viewer? Do you think films will change one’s perception and outlook? Yes, movies influence us. Movies entertain, engage, and educate us. Cinema is a powerful medium of communication. Cinema affects us both in good and bad ways. However, it is up to the viewer to choose what is right and what is wrong. Now that Cinema is part of our life and the industry is exploring each day, we can’t deny the fact that Cinema influences us. There are some best Telugu motivational films made in recent years that have encouraged us to chase our dreams now streaming in aha movies.

Although Telugu Cinema is all about entertainment, many movies motivated us to aim big and reach our destination. Here’s a list of some best Telugu motivational films which are inspiring.  

MAHARSHI: This Telugu motivational movie is about Rishi, a middle-class young man with big dreams and successful in chasing his dreams. Rishi, now a wealthy man, comes back to India to reconcile with his college friend. A social issue arises when he takes up the responsibility to set things right and becomes the champion of poor and downtrodden farmers.

THAMMUDU: Subbu, a happy go lucky guy, decides to change his ways and set off on a mission to prove his mettle at kickboxing to soothe his worried father. While he chooses to replace his brother, who was injured by his opponent in a match, with a lot at risk, will Subbu succeed and emerge victoriously?

VEDAM: Five people from diverse walks of life are brought together through bizarre coincidences, find their lives entwined after terrorists wreak havoc at the hospital, and the incidents that follow leave their lives changed forever.  Krish directed this Telugu motivational movie and touches upon the sensitive issues and human emotions. 

Along with these three best Telugu motivational films, you can watch many more such Telugu movies on a 100% Telugu Platform app.

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