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How To Sew A Canvas Bag

Making a bag by yourself is not difficult, even for a beginner in sewing, but you need to know the main steps and some tips before embarking.

In any case, make sure that you use good quality materials, otherwise, your pretty bag may tear or tear.

Choose A Type Of Bag

The first question to ask yourself during sewing: what type of bag do you want? A large bag, a small bag, a custom bag, a practical bag, a shoulder bag matching your outfit or very stylish?

Depending on what you are looking for, you can opt for a canvas bag or a bucket bag, deep, or on the contrary a small pouch, with or without a handle. Ultimately, you will always have the same satisfaction: your handmade bag will be sewn by yourself!

Obtain The Necessary Materials

If you rely on a pattern, read the recommendations carefully and go to a haberdashery store to buy the Nantes materials and accessories you need. Start by choosing a solid, thick outer fabric. Fine fabrics will not last long.

Here is the basic material:

  • Fabric or fabric coupon,
  • A pair of scissors,
  • A needle (quite strong depending on the thickness of the fabric) or a sewing machine/serger,
  • Pins,
  • Sewing thread matching the colour of the bag,
  • Possibly tissue transfer paper,
  • Decorative elements for the customization of your bag,

Cut The Fabric

Before you start cutting during sewing a canvas tote bag, take the measurements several times to make sure you do not go wrong. Once cut, if it’s too short, you’ll have a hard time catching up.

If you are using a pattern, remember to pin it to the fabric for easy cutting. Do not throw down the falls, they will always serve!

Pin The Different Pieces Of Fabric Together

Before the sewing step, you can pin all the pieces together or sew them very coarsely for easy assembly and make sure each piece is in the right place.

The temporary seams are easy to undo later, unlike the final seams. You can pre-sew by hand or machine.

Make The Seams

If you like to machine sewing, you can stitch most of the seams of your bag and overcast the machine, but some seams will have to be handmade.

Finally, add the elements of your choice:

  • zipped pocket,
  • bag handles,
  • zipper,
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