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How To Unlock The IMEI Of A Locked Cell Phone?

If you lose your cell phone or are stolen, you must report this to your service provider and request the service be blocked. Currently, it is enough to inform the telephone line number, and there is no longer any need to provide the IMEI code.

To unlock, if you find the device, go the other way around, calling the service provider again and confirming the personal data. It may be necessary to appear in person at a physical operator’s store (avoid authorized resellers), taking your documentation to prove your identity.

What should you have on hand?

  • The correct phone line number;
  • Line holder’s ID and CPF (in the case of family accounts, for example);
  • Mobile phone purchase invoice (if you can’t find the original printed invoice, look for the electronic invoice in your email or search the store for a duplicate);
  • Take the device box, if possible, to identify the IMEI code.

How To Know If The IMEI Code Has Been Cloned And Is In Two Cell Phones

Blocking the IMEI code at is a strategy to reduce cell phone theft. But in the deep web, there is a solution for everything

Buying a used cell phone can be a headache, especially if it is from a stranger, through websites, or in the hands of others, and at a bargain price. The device can be the result of theft and, in addition to collaborating with the crime (the purchase of a stolen product is understood as a receipt), you can have the IMEI blocked.

The former owner can request the block, and you will have, in your hands, a brick. The devices only continue to allow the use of the Wi-Fi network, prevent calls and use 4G.

Cell Phone – Theft

Blocking IMEI is a strategy to reduce the number of robberies. But, in the deep web (or even in links indexed by Google), discovering and using methods to “exchange and validate” the IMEI of a stolen and blocked cell phone is common, even if irregular.

When not, it’s easy to find this type of service in any telecom shop. Blocking, if done after cloning, can affect both devices. And you, who bought a cell phone without knowing where it came from, all of a sudden will have the device unusable.

Cloned IMEI

When a cell phone has the IMEI cloned, there are two devices under the same registration. Thus, criminals exchange the IMEI of a cell phone that is the result of theft so that it will continue to work, even if the owner has blocked its original IMEI.

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