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Most Active Nations: Basketball Betting

Sports betting have been prevalent since a long time, but it is online sports betting that has evolved recently. Some countries restrict such activities and in some countries online betting is under jurisdiction. Yet, here we have a list of nations from all around the world which are crazy and die-hard fans of online basket betting. provides more information about such nations and their love for the game.


Online sport betting is thoroughly at boom and is widely popular among youth of this subcontinent. Although it is not legal in all the parts of the country, but somehow has successfully kept the youth engaged. Next to cricket and football, basketball betting is the third most favourite sport when it comes to Online Betting in this country. Thanks to the high population of India, it attracts a lot of international bookies- thereby adding further to the popularity of sports betting through advertising to increase their market share.


As in other African countries, the number of basketball betting sites is increasing every year. Nigeria does not limit sports betting and hence the online betting market is growing faster.


In spite of some restrictions on online betting, basketball betting has many followers in Canada. The Canadian government even levies taxes on gaming companies’ profits and earnings. Yet, there is no stopping the Canadians.


Australia is among one of the nations with the most advanced sports betting markets. The betting industry here enjoys unlimited potential market, and huge crowds. Sports Betting in the nation is increasingly popular and is expanding to other new betting countries such as the United States.


Because the betting market is free, basketball betting in Mexico has risen to a good extent. Basketball betting has become increasingly popular among the Mexicans and has become a favourite game.


China is the leading name in countries where betting is a big and steadfast fan of the masses. Basketball betting attracts many Chinese players through online betting sites. This is amazing.


Most Kenyans prefer online sports betting. The main reason for the increase in online sports betting is the reliability of internet connections in Kenya. Furthermore, the population is always in the mood to bet some.

These countries have very well played there role in online betting and basketball betting has definitely boosted through them. If you are a regular bettor, you’d know!

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