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Power plug for charging the devices:

Everyone has faced the situation of mobile or laptop being on 1% and they ran towards the Power plug [ปลั๊ก ต่อ, which is the term in Thai]. And suppose if there is no power plug is there then how the person will charge their phone or laptop. But it is only imaginable but if the power plug is broken or something then no one can charge their phone. And also, a broken power plug is very dangerous for people. Because people can get an electric shock if someone put their hands by mistake.

So, it is recommended to buy the original and good quality of power plugs for the safety of ourselves. And also, a good power plug saves a lot of money too. Because of the power plug last long then there is no need to change it. Unless someone gets bored by the design of it. Otherwise it is not necessary to change it and save the money.

Use 3 socket plug for multiple plugging options

The 3 socket plug [ปลั๊ก สาม ตา, which is the term in Thai] is very good option for getting multiple plugs in just one single plug. It is very useful when it comes to charging different devices at a single time. And people don’t need to put money in installing a whole switchboard in their room. Just one 3 socket plug can really help in charging different devices. And it also saves money so it is worth purchasing it for the plug.

Get a discount when buying online

People can use an online shop to purchase such kinds of products. Because these products can easily get discounted online. And people can also save a lot of their money. So, buy from online store only buy genuine products.

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