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Power socket to connect to electricity:

If there is no electric power socket [usb ปลั๊ก, which is the term in Thai] in the room then how will the person charge their devices? That is why electric power socket is necessary but nowadays people don’t need to install a switchboard. Just buy one data strip and it can work for the electric power socket. And the best thing about using data strips as the primary power socket is that it consumes less energy. So, it can save a lot of money that spends on light bill.

And also, the installation of the switch board in the room can damage it looks. Then why not just simply install one or two single switches and later on uses data strips for the power socket. Because the main thing is to charge the device and data strip can do that easily. And it also saves energy and money. So, why not using it.

The outlet current of the power socket

Mainly any power socket outlet [ปลั๊ก ต่อ พ่วง, which is the term in Thai] current is 120v. That is required in the home and if the outlet current increases then the device attached to it might get damaged. So, install the MCB in such cases if there is any kind of fluctuation in the voltage. To save the device from getting damaged. But the current in any power socket is fixed to 120v. So, the chances of increasing voltage are very less. But for safety precautions uses the MCB too.

Safety is a major concern for electrical equipment

Safety is a big issue in any electrical equipment. And if the product is not built to survive the safety standards of the electrical hazard then do not purchase it. Otherwise the consequences can be very dangerous.

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