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Pros and Cons of Automated Doors

If you have automated doors then this is a wonderful feature of your home which adds value in your home. These are characteristics of shopping malls to provide comfort to their customers but in modern age they are also used in homes as well. They mostly sense the person and open automatically to facilitate the passer by. There is a range of stylish and expensive automated doors. More the durable material, more the life of automated doors. Their price range from cheap to expensive depends upon the brand but price should not be a concern as it is more important to find a door that suits you. They work elegantly as when the person out his feet on the mat immediately automated doors get opened. 

Pros of Automated Doors

  • Versatility in style

There is a large variety of styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colors available in the market. Each of the styles gives a unique and sophisticated look to the commercial space as well as homes. They help you to enhance the value of your home if you are going to sell your home. They can be of swinging, sliding and folding style. They are available in strong and sturdy materials such as Aluminium, steel, fiberglass and timber which last for a long time with long-term attraction. 

  • Convenience

As these doors do not need any force to perform operation to open the door which is convenient for the person who is passing by. They are helpful for the people who are carrying heavy luggage or kids. They can be opened and closed manually but why do you do so if there is a facility to enjoy. 

  • Safety and Security

Whenever doors are closed manually, there is a probability of being opened a bit which is not safe. If you have automated doors in your home or commercial place then you always stay assured that door is completely closed. You do not need additional locks and security checks with automated doors.

Cons of Automated Doors

  • Installation 

When you are needed to install the automated doors then you always need a professional technician. It means here you need lots of expenses to spend after purchasing them. 

  • Maintenance

You need to have check and balance regularly upon these doors to check proper functioning. They require regular maintenance which also needs expenses to spend. If they need to be repaired or to replace the damaged parts then again you need to spend a lot of money. If the power system is disturbed it’ll cause inconvenience while opening and closing the doors then again you need to spend the expenses on technicians. 

  • Cleaning

These doors are not easy to clean regularly as compared to that of manual doors. You need to polish and oil it counterparts to protect them from rusting. They need a proper servicing weekly at-least. You may need to repaint them periodically if they are of metal to prevent rusting.

  • Costs

As you all know that such powered options are very expensive to purchase. Their counterparts are different from manual doors because they are automated features. To keep them is also expensive because to have check and balance for repairing again you need to spend expenses.  

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