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Taking shelter in the home to breath fresh fir:

Nowadays the environment is so polluted that people can’t even breathe freely. And, the sole reason for such an environment is the human itself. The industrialization has cut a lot of trees. Because of that a lot of toxic compounds started increasing in the atmosphere. That makes it impossible for a human to breathe. Without getting any health disease. In this era, if someone is not smoking or taking alcohol. Then, still, there will be chances that such people will get health issues. And, that is only because of the air quality in which people breathe.

So, people try to run away from all those things. And, came back home so, that at least people can have fresh air in the home. But it is also not possible. Because pollution has also entered the house. And, with that pollution, a lot of bacteria and virus have come. People can’t go anywhere else leaving their home. Because the safest place for any person is not safe anymore. That is why it is very important to install UVC lights in the house. So, people can breathe in the fresh air.

Install UVC lamp in the house 

People need to breathe fresh air. So, for that install UVC lamp [หลอด uvc, which is the term in Thai] in the house. These lamps can be installed in the air conditioning system. So, the air quality in the house can improve. It can also be placed in many places. Like, people can install them in biofilm. Biofilm is the main place where all the bacteria evolves. So, installing the UVC lamp in the biofilm will be a great idea to kill all those bacteria.

Don’t be in direct contact

UV emits radiation. That is why it is better to not get in direct touch with it. It is better than try to keep it at such a place. From where the light of UV rays can’t reach to the body. 

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