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The Evolution of Rummy: From Traditional to Online

The third most popular card game around the world and the most popular game in the world of online gaming, Rummy, has a very rich history. While most of you just want to play the Rummy game for the sake of it, some might be intrigued by the layers and complexity of the game.

The Rummy game is just a card game; however, because of its intricacies, it is very obvious that it is an ancient game that has witnessed changes with the passing times. As time went by, Rummy evolved into something so big that now the entire world knows about it. 

This blog is a record of its evolution from its origin to its current status as the most-played online game. Let’s begin!

 Origin Of The Game 

There are speculations about the Rummy game’s birth; however, we cannot pinpoint its century or country of origin. Games similar to Rummy were being played across the continents. However, two games go extremely close to what we now know as the Rummy game. 

The old Chinese card game called “Mahjong” and another old Mexican card game called “Conquian” are said to be the origin points of the Rummy game. 

Conquian is a Mexican Spanish word that means “with whom.” 

With Mahjong, the history is not quite linear. The game had two names, “Mahjong and Pinyin”. This game of Rummy was based on another card game called Madiao. Mahjong means a sparrow in Cantonese. The name of the game was named after a sparrow because the sound of game tiles while shuffling and the sparrow’s chirping sounds similar.

 Travel To India 

The game has always been a favourite pastime for the aristocrats. The perfect blend of strategies and skills was the point of attraction. With time, people started to migrate. Some migrated for work and trade, while others travelled to colonise other countries. With these aristocrats travelling to India, the game travelled as well. 

The game was imported to our country in the 19th century, where it travelled with British colonisers. The primary consumers of this game were the country’s rich and elite. It was a major source of entertainment and a pastime for such people. As the game travelled across the country, various regions moulded it into their own versions. This is how the Rummy game got its multiple versions across the country and around the world. 

In no time, with the emergence of social reforms and the rise of equality, the game found its way to the commoners. This opened various opportunities for the game to grow and evolve.

 Transition To The Online Format 

With the surge in technology and the invention of the internet, the world started to change. From banking to gaming, everything was digitalised. As a result, Rummy found its way to the online gaming platforms. Due to its allure and attractiveness, Rummy grew into the most-played game online in the world. 

Online Rummy has 60+ variations that gamers can choose from. These players can play from the comfort of their homes and hone their skills to gain various benefits. 

 Final Words 

With the travel from Mexico and China to the world and from physical to digital, Rummy has achieved it all. Be mindful while learning how to play rummy game and enjoy it to the fullest. We hope this blog found you and you found it useful!

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