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The pollution from covid trash

Even humbly, 2020 is full of challenges. Remember in March we were all looking for fun and unique entertainment while baking bread? Of course, we fill our oceans with waste from covid-19 masks. We use 129 billion masks and 65 billion gloves every month. Where have most of the plastic waste gone? You guessed it, we should start your own beach cleanup the ocean has lived there for millions of years and is slowly breaking down into microplastic particles. And it’s small enough to poison all living things in the ocean.

What to do with raw waste? Well, first of all, you need to throw the Covid disposable plastics like used masks, gloves, and wipes in the trash. It sounds simple, but many have real problems doing it. Other solutions are more complex. Disposable plastics are known to be harmful to the environment, so we can stop making single-use plastic masks. Remember before Covid we all agreed to stop using plastic straws? Now we wrap ourselves in disposable plastic to take out.

Instead, you can switch to reusable materials or convert them to biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. Both will be a better solution than what we are currently doing. It is filling the oceans with the new plastic crown virus and suffocating the planet with our blind panic to contain the epidemic. If you want to know more about us click here.

We did not take this opportunity to assess and revisit the large-scale production of plastics at this unique time in our modern global industrial society. Instead, they’ve doubled their investment in plastic and are banking everything on single-use waste. Modern history has not used such short-lived global trips to clean up the planet, but it compounds the systematic environmental problem and puts pressure on an already fragile ecosystem on the brink of collapse. So if you are near the sea make sure someone in your area cleans the beach. Otherwise, start with yourself. Divers plan to participate in the PADI Project Aware Dive Gainst Fragment. It is the best way to connect with the aquatic community and to do different types of diving. We try to remove garbage from the ocean every time we dive, but unlike debris dives, our focus is on 100% garbage disposal. The site isn’t usually the best and there is a lot of bibliographies, but it’s good that you can pull out a bag (or two bags) full of plastic waste.

Also, consider voting using your wallet. This is probably the most important thing we can do, especially in the case of Covid, to choose biodegradable products. At the rate at which we are producing these masks, gloves, towels, and more, we will be faced with a flood of garbage. You have to make a choice and start moving forward. And we should be ashamed that our politicians listen to our voices, act, act for the good of all, and protect the planet beyond convenience. It’s not easy, but an alternative is to stop imagining. The Dead Sea contains only dangerous human excreta.

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