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9 Coronavirus Christmas Ornaments You Can Send Or Give To Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Celebrating the holiday season in the new normal is quite unusually unique. While some countries have slowly eased lockdown restrictions, many still spend time away from their loved ones. Acts like giving a coronavirus Xmas ornament may seem simple, but they can go a long way and leave a huge impact on the recipients.

In this feature, we’ve sorted things out for you and rounded up the nine best pandemic-themed holiday decorations you can give as a Christmas present to people close to your heart.

2020 Snow Family Ornament with Green Glitter. The color green is considered a symbolism of good luck and good health. If you want to wish your loved ones to have strength and sound wellbeing this holiday season, this ornament is for you. It’s available in versions with three, four, and five people wearing Santa hats.

Baby Born During Pandemic. This elegantly designed coronavirus Xmasornament features a newborn baby nestled inside a comfy-looking sleigh (available in blue and pink colors). It’s an apt gift to loved ones who welcomed a new member of their family during the pandemic.

Beach Family Scene with Bird & Chair Ornament. Got the opportunity to visit a beach during the pandemic safely? Record such a memorable occasion with this unique beach-themed ornament. It’s complete with people on a boat and a bird sitting on a beach chair.

Beer Mug with Froth Ornament. Before the pandemic, the holidays are usually a time of merry-making and beer-drinking with friends, relatives, and colleagues. If you want your drinking buddies to relive such a carefree experience, surprise them with this customizable beer mug ornament.

COVID Cocktail Time Ornament. Christmas celebrations wouldn’t be complete with cocktails. If you and your loved ones can’t spend time together and share a toast over a heart holiday dinner, you can still send your cheers across through this vibrant, cocktail-inspired ornament.

Camping Tent Family Ornament. A coronavirus Xmas ornament that’s sure to warm hearts, this item celebrates the unbreakable bond of family. It shows people huddled inside a red-colored camping tent, surrounded by a bonfire and lush Christmas trees. The grass around the tent can be customized with the recipient’s favorite park or camping area.

Couple Quarantined Together in House. 2021 is also considered as the “Year of the Quarantine.” If you know couples within your circle who were quarantined together, you can put a smile on their faces this holiday season by gifting them this one-of-a-kind ornament. It features a red brick wall home, complete with two happy people and snow-covered trees.

Christmas Kiss – No Social Distancing Ornament. Speaking of couples quarantined under one roof, this item is also a perfect gift for them. This quirky no-social-distancing ornament sees two people happily cuddling one another. It can be personalized with the couple’s first names and the year the gift is given.

Miss Church Ornament. During the pandemic, church gatherings are limited, if not prohibited, in many areas across the country. This meaningful ornament is perfect if you want your loved ones to be able to fill that void of being unable to attend holiday masses physically.

coronavirus Xmas ornament can be a good reminder of how you and your loved ones went through the pandemic and show appreciation for all the support and prayers. Get one today at Ornaments With Love.

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