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Care Instructions for Embroidered Clothing

Okay, you decided to personalise polo shirt , and you went for embroidered clothing design.

While this is a beautiful design to any apparel, they must be appropriately taken care of to retain the beauty of the stitching. This guide will help you learn a few steps to care for your embroidered clothing properly.

Basic Laundering Instructions

If you choose to wash your embroidered clothing pieces at home, you must consider a few measures to protect the design.

First, the garment must be turned inside out and ensure the cold water cycle is used.

Next, use a mild detergent that isn’t harsh on colours, also avoid using bleach.

Once washing is completed, remove the clothing quickly and do not wring. Then use a mild dryer.

Dry Cleaning

Embroidered clothing may be dry cleaned, but pre-spotting laundry agents must be avoided. Furthermore, caution must be taken for a piece with a dark design.


If ironing is required, iron inside out or reduce the heat impact by placing the embroidered clothing between two cloths.

Most people use steam iron or spray their clothing with water before ironing; however this is not advisable for embroidered apparel. Always iron dry.

Final Considerations

When you buy embroidered clothing, you will notice that most clothes include a production warning that instructs on how care and laundering should be done.

If the label doesn’t state otherwise, then the instruction is for the garment alone, and not for the stitching design, you placed on the clothing.

In most cases, you can contact the producer to advise you on the best way of caring for the embroidered garment.

If the embroidery stitching was placed on the apparel after purchase, contact the designer for instructions on how to care for the piece properly.

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