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Differences Between A Power Inverter Or EPS And A UPS

An Uninterruptible Power Supply System or UPS and an Emergency Power System or EPS for its acronym in English, are in a few words systems that allow time of autonomy of different duration to equipment that needs electrical current for its operation.

The main difference between batteries for UPS (แบตเตอรี่ UPS which is the term in Thai) and an EPS is that the UPS stabilizes the current, acting at the time the light goes out for a very limited period of time, while an EPS is a system that supplies us with the alternating current when we have a cut of the electric current. The EPS, depending on the batteries that we install, can last many hours of work.

The UPSs are systems used, for example, in computer equipment that they give a time frame when a power failure occurs not to lose unsaved information. If during this period of time, the power is restored, we do not have to turn off the equipment.

However, an EPS or power inverter is used as an emergency generator for long periods of power failure to stabilize the current in critical installations. EPS is also an excellent alternative to electric combustion generators (gasoline), since in many cases, these generators are not a possible alternative due to the noise and smoke they generate, in addition to being a fire hazard.

As examples, if we work with an EPS, Emergency Power System with batteries at 12V (the voltage used by typical cars), we usually get a maximum power of 700W, while if we work at 24V we can reach 2540W and even If we work at 48W (the voltage used in large trucks) we could reach 5250W of power.

EPS Systems In 12V Direct Current Installations To 220v Alternating Current

As a general rule, the most common installations work with 12V batteries. By placing one or two batteries, sufficient capacity would be achieved to function as an emergency generator. Models like the CyberPower CPS600e with a pure wave format and 600VA / 420W work with a single battery although it is possible to add others in parallel to increase the autonomy or the CyberPower CPS1000E that has a pure wave format and 1000VA / 700W of power for installations 12V DC to 220V AC. These EPS 12V are ideal for working with computers or electrical equipment that does not require high power, but a very long time in case of loss of electrical power supply.

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