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Here Are 10 Granddaughter Ornaments Every Granny Would Love To Receive

Parents, don’t get us wrong –but grandparents and grandchildren indeed share a different, special kind of bond. Grannies tend to spoil the little kids better. And in some instances, there are secrets your children don’t tell you but they let their grandmas and grandpas know.

This holiday season, it’s time to help your granddaughter show her love to her granny. Or if you’ve just given birth to a little girl, it’s also the perfect time to welcome your mom to grandparenthood. Either way, here are 10 Granddaughter ornaments that can touch the hearts of grannies, old or new.

Angel ornament (female). It’s no doubt that granddaughters are angels sent from above. For grannies, this ornament serves as a reminder that having a grandchild is a blessing from the Creator. The star held by the angel in this adorable decoration can also be engraved with the granddaughter’s name and birth year.

Picture frame Christmas ornament. One of the best yet most practical gifts there is, Christmas-themed photo frames will never go out of style. This kind of gift can be displayed in the major parts of any granny’s home — making them feel good for when they suddenly want to be with you and their granddaughter.

Snowflake frame ornament. A photo frame with a beautiful twist, this type of holiday present will surely send any granny’s heart aflutter. It’s very relevant to the occasion, and it’s also a great reminder that anything sent from above should be treasured.

I love snowman ornament with heart. In line with snow-related granddaughter ornaments, this one should definitely be on your holiday gift list. This can even be personalized to bear sweet words like “I love my granny.”

Grandma’s 1st Christmas ornament. First times are always a memorable moment. If you are spending the holiday with your mom and your newborn daughter, it’s nice to commemorate this life milestone through this customizable decoration.

Princess carriage ornament. If you also want to surprise your mom who’s a first-time granny, you can sweetly and poetically do so by giving this princess carriage ornament. It’s a perfect way to symbolize the arrival of a new blessing to your growing family.

Sweet granddaughter cupcake ornament. As sweet as a real cupcake, the gesture of giving grannies an ornament like this is also heart-tugging. You can also have this personalized to have the granddaughter’s name on it.

Toddler with teddy ornament. Kids holding teddy bears are some of the best representations of an awesome childhood. Through gifts like this, grannies can help remember the precious moments she has spent with your daughter.

Granddaughter Christmas ball ornament. This type of holiday decoration does not only spell beauty and elegance; it is also available in different designs, each customized with endearing phrases like “A granddaughter brings love, joy, and giggles.”

Child ornament with a suitcase (female). The holidays are the perfect time to visit the cozy place of grandparents. Besides bringing yourself and your granddaughter as a gift, you can also be extra sweeter by gifting them with granddaughter ornaments like this.

Granddaughter ornaments are perfect gifts for grannies who want to make their favorite creatures on earth more special. Check out our collection today at Ornaments With Love!

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