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How to lose weight in your hands using Roids

In order to lose weight in your hands, you need to combine fat burning exercises with

In order to lose weight in your hands, you need to combine fat burning exercises with strength. Only in half an hour you will spend enough calories to get rid of fat on your hands and tone your muscles.

Warm up

  • 30 jumps on both legs plus rotation of the arms, jumps on the toes, rotation of the arms – imitation of work with a skipping rope. Try to buy Steroids from Dopingteam and press your forearm to the body and actively strain your biceps.
  • 30 swings back and forth.
  • 30 jumps with rotation of the arms and the Windmill.

A set of exercises for losing weight

  • Exercise number 1. “Moving table.” Sit on the buttocks on the floor, hands at the back, the hips are bent strictly at right angles. Start to quickly tear the case off the floor, you need the case was parallel to the floor, while additionally pulling the press and tighten the buttocks. Perform quick 60 ups and downs, and at the end linger at the top point for 60 seconds. This exercise will strengthen the back of the hands and give a fat burning effect.
  • Exercise number 2. Push-ups for triceps. Sit on a sofa or chair, rest your palms on the seat, and hang your buttocks down. Slowly, in 2 counts, with the strength of the triceps go down and rise, respectively, up. Lower your shoulders. Perform 20 such repetitions at a slow pace.
  • Exercise number 3. Moving bar. Perform an emphasis lying down, while your hands are under your shoulders, socks are straight, the press and back are tense. Starting from the right hand, alternately lower yourself to the floor, putting both forearms on the floor, immediately return back to the palm of your hand. Exercise is performed 15 times for each hand.
  • Exercise number 4. Squatting for biceps. Take the dumbbells, pull in the press, and begin to lower until the squat until the hips are parallel to the floor. Fix the squat at the lower point and begin to bend your elbows slowly in two counts. Your forearms should be firmly pressed to the body. Weight down also falls in two counts. You need to do 20 reps while holding the squat.
  • Exercise number 5. Shoulder lunge. We stand straight, the right leg in front, hold dumbbells in our hands. Dip in such a way that the thigh is parallel to the floor, the body remains straight, and the buttocks are tense. Retract the press, hands are located along the body. Slowly, in two counts, up to the parallel with the floor, begin to spread them apart and just as calmly lower them back. You need to do 20 repetitions, and then change your leg.

Beginners after the last exercise can go to stretching, and those who are more experienced can repeat this cycle completely from the first and the last exercise two more times. In the event that your hands are noticeably full, train 3, and preferably 5 times a week, and after about 6 weeks you will see a significant result – your hands will lose weight.

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