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Mil-Spec Wire Manufacturer and Distributor

Quality Cables and Wires

Those at Sycor Technology understand how important cabling and wiring is to the efficiency of any machine or other device that needs them. As a result, they ensure that cables and wires that depart its 40,000-square foot warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, are of high enough standard to do the job in a safe and effective way. One of the ways that it does so is by having its Quality Assurance Team perform a number of inspections and tests prior to any cables or wires leaving the facility.

Mil-Spec Wires

Some of the stringiest requirements for cabling and wiring come from the military field, and Sycor employees ensure that those requirements have been met. As a result, Sycor’s mil-spec wires have been used in a variety of military situations such as to wire helicopters that need to safely enter dangerous territory or to help put together a communications network that can withstand extremely challenging conditions.

Markets Served

Of course, the military field is not the only one that Sycor serves. Other clients include those who work in fields such as marine, rail, environmental, solar energy, automotive, automation systems and broadcast and entertainment.