Qualities Every Call Center Staff Should Have

Customer service expectations are continually increasing, and this makes the contact center very important to a company and its goals.

More than ever, customers expect more than an answer to their questions. They want their problems solved quickly and want a personal interaction with a skilled attendant. Expectations for service are ever increasing, and contact center training is a crucial part of this process.

Customers depend on the attendants to solve their problems and also to be surprised by them with new solutions that can keep them loyalty, generating even more business for the company. A Call Center staff (พนักงาน Call Center which is the term in Thai) with trained professionals can reach different levels.

·         Courtesy

One of the essential qualities of a kind contact center attendant is how they treat customers.  This may seem obvious, but being polite and friendly is vital, as most customers may immediately feel cynical or apathetic.

When a client has problems with a product, for example, getting condescending or confrontational treatment from an agent will only aggravate the case. Besides, we never know who’s on the other end of the line. That’s why it’s so crucial that attendants commit to being cordial throughout the call.

·         Professionalism

A significant challenge in any job is to leave personal problems outside the corporate environment. Everyone faces bad days in life, but letting those feelings interfere with the quality of work is not good.

Because contact center agents are always dealing with customers, it is necessary to separate the professional from the staff very well.

·         Problems Solution

While call center agents are directed to following a script, a question will inevitably arise that was not addressed in the training sessions. During these times, it is critical that the attendant can think independently. This does not mean trying to solve the problem yourself, but rather to seek to help the client in the best possible way. If you do not know how the next step is to get help from a manager.

·         Good Memory

The ability to quickly retrieve information is one of the most underrated contact center skills.

Clerks are always invited to study and memorize many different aspects of a particular product or service, along with the procedural pathway to serve the customer. Some of this knowledge can be gained over time, but this helps if a potential agent already can recall critical information immediately.

·         Reliability

When hiring attendants, you should prioritize the professionalism and commitment, whatever the period of the job, the demand or the complexity of the calls.

During work hours, trust must be constant, so that productivity and quality of care are not affected.