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The Art of Cleaning Stains from your Phone

We often tend to mess up our phones by spilling ink or makeup over the screen. The phone looks messy in such cases. Honestly, the cell phone is one device which the present generation cannot live without. We need our phones much more than anything else on earth. However, at the same time, you won’t like to use a dirty phone. Right? Hence, often we end up questioning if we could clean the phone screen mess. Well, yes. You can clean your phone screen. However, there are ways that you should follow when you are cleaning your phone screen; else, you might end up damaging your phone. You can, however, use screenklean to clean your phone screen.

Using the Right Cleaning Material

However, to clean your phone screen, you require a soft, lint-free cloth. We would suggest you to use fiber cloth to clean your phone screen. Using a paper towel or any other paper-based product is a big “No.” Using paper-based products will damage your phone screen by leaving scratches on the screen. However, if you have fingerprint smudges, lint, or dust, we recommend using a dry microfiber cloth. If the stain is too stubborn, we would recommend you to remove the battery as well while cleaning. You can read through the screenklean review and use it to remove such stains.

Make Sure of These

Even water works well for stubborn stains. You can dampen the microfibre cloth slightly with water and wipe your phone screen gently with it. However, if you use water or even a screen cleaner, make sure to wipe the screen with a dry cloth after cleaning it with any liquid. Do not let moisture enter any of your phone openings, like the speaker or the mic. Moisture entering the phone will damage your phone. Also, put the battery back only when your device is completely dry.

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