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The Best Ways to Care for a 36V Trolling Motor Battery

Keeping your 36V trolling motor in top condition is essential if you want it to keep performing at its best. A big part of this is taking care of the battery that powers your trolling motor, as its performance and lifespan depend on proper maintenance and care. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your 36V trolling motor battery

Charge Regularly and Fully 

A common mistake with batteries is not charging them enough or not charging them frequently enough. It’s important to make sure that you charge your battery regularly, even when it still has some life left in it. This will ensure that you don’t overwork the cells and damage them prematurely. Also, be sure to charge it all the way up until the charger indicates that the battery is fully charged. This ensures that no energy is wasted and will help extend the life of your battery. 

Lastly, always make sure to use the right charger for your battery. Using the wrong type of charger can cause damage to your battery in the long run and reduce its efficiency. Following these simple tips will help you keep your batteries running optimally for a long time. 

If you are looking for an extended life out of your batteries, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them. Proper maintenance and care of your batteries will ensure that they last as long as possible. Be sure to store your batteries in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or any heat sources.

Store Properly When Not In Use 

When you’re not using your trolling motor, be sure to store it properly in a cool, dry place away from any moisture or extreme temperatures. This can help prolong the life of your battery by preventing any damage caused by exposure to excess heat or cold. When storing for long periods of time, regularly check the water level in each cell and top off with distilled water if needed. This helps maintain optimal performance and keeps corrosion at bay. 

Maintain Cleanliness 

Keeping your batter clean is also essential for optimal performance. Be sure to wipe down both the outside and inside (when possible) of your 36V trolling motor battery with a damp cloth once a month or more often if necessary. Make sure there is no dirt or debris buildup around the terminals and connections as these can cause corrosion and affect performance over time. Additionally, always use terminal protectors when connecting cables to prevent any corrosion-causing chemicals from coming into contact with exposed metal parts on the terminals or connections points on your 36V trolling motor battery. 

Conclusion: Taking good care of your 36V trolling motor battery doesn’t have to be complicated; just remember to charge it fully, store it properly when not in use, and maintain its cleanliness regularly! By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your batter performs optimally for years to come! With proper maintenance, you’ll get maximum efficiency from your trolling motor so you can enjoy hours upon hours out on open waters without having any worries about power running out!

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