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The philosophy of photography and how you can embrace it?

Photography is all about taking out the inner beauty of a subject. This simply means that if you are to capture the real beauty then you must know where the beauty lies. There are basically three broad categories of Photography. The first one is natural Photography. Here, you get to capture the beauty of nature. This includes landscapes as well as animals and wildlife. The second one is event photography and model photography. Under this category you get to take pictures of some events like a wedding or sports events. Model photography that portraits photography also comes under this category. Lastly the monumental photography comes into the picture. Monumental photography mainly relies on taking pictures of metropolitan cities and monuments.

Why New York is so much famous as a photographic destination among photographers?

One of the most famous places where photographers tend to go to take photos is new York. New York is one of the major cities in the United States of America. The city is one of the most prominent destinations for photographers because the city has every element that a photographer needs. The city has both natural landscape on its outskirts and also have monuments and building. However, one needs to know all about these places before you get to the city for taking pictures. And this is where expert blogs come into the picture. The expert blogs can inform you about the many places in New York which are photograph worthy. Thus with the help of these online blogs, you can very easily understand the importance of monumental photography. The blogs will also help you in developing more experience in this field of photography. So make sure you refer to some blog.

Know about the best places in New York for photography

Now when it comes to blogs related to any topic of photography you can only rely on photolemur. They have put up a blog on Here they have discussed in length the sites one needs to visit when it comes to taking photographs in New York City.

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