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Tips for Playing in Online Poker

Online poker is very different from live poker, primarily because online poker sites use a set of computer-generated codes, algorithms, and software to determine hand results and winners.

In live play, the deck is exposed to a truly random set of circumstances beyond the control of players, dealers, and home. If the deck is not stacked, the odds and statistics in live play are more accurate than in online poker. Unfortunately, internet sites can easily manipulate the decks, results, and even winners of any game.

Until recently, online poker sites were considered a fair and honest business, and then scandal after scandal erupted when many poker sites confessed to fraud, collusion and piracy by employees and players. This has caused a sea change in the way decks are shuffled, delivered and distributed on online sites. Additionally, additional security measures have been added to the sites in the form of software to prevent collusion and fraud.


Alt: marked decks of cards for contact lenses

Online poker vs Live poker makes a big difference!

Collusion and fraud prevention software, while essential to site integrity, has changed more than just game security. The outcome of the deal also changed. To explain it in more detail, one of the measures against collusion is the ability to detect when a player or players have won too many hands in a row.

When this happens, software collusion prevention algorithms come into play, forcing those suspected of collusion to lose by offering a seemingly invincible hand or a strong starting hand that ultimately loses on the river.

The downside is that the computer program does not KNOW who is really in cahoots, so if you play big cards and win multiple hands in a row, the program will inadvertently “accuse” you of cheating and give you a dirty trick.

It’s hard to believe? But the truth! You honestly don’t think you get all those bad beats for no apparent reason, especially when you never get that many bad beats in a live game!

So what is really going on here?

As you can see, the algorithms automatically track your winnings, and when you win multiple hands outside of the algorithm, it will be determined that you were cheating. The algorithms of the poker site will try to get you out of the game by giving you tricks or tricks that encourage you to play and end up losing.

It is unfair?

No, it’s actually not fair for online poker sites to take away skills from the game and then try to level the field so that anyone can win by sucking or hitting you badly. Why should a good player be punished for knowing how to use position to win the pot even with the worst hand?


Now that you know what online poker sites do behind the scenes and why you get bad beats so often, you can do something about it! Learn how the algorithm works, what the limits are and buy marked cards for contact lenses.

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