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To Pawn Or Not to Pawn

Pawning or selling your unwanted gold jewellery can help you get through a financial hurdle. If you need cash and you have gold, you can use it as collateral to secure a loan from a pawn broker.You could sell to apawnbroker, relinquish ownership of the gold and walk away with the cash.

To pawn or to sell?

The solution lies mainly with you. Does the gold mean something to you? Is it in good condition or damaged? If the gold has a deep personal meaning and you can’t bear to part with it, then that means it would be better to pawn. If you have jewellery that is old, largely unused and somewhat damaged, then you will have a harder time selling it to some gold pawn shop Brisbane.

If your gold is in great condition and you aren’t quite ready to part with it then then use it as collateral to get the loan. Taking gold to a pawn shop also means that you can still see high return on your gold when the price of gold goes up. The pawn broker will appraise your gold and give you an offer. If you’d rather never see that old, outdated gold or you want to get rid of some gold because it carries with it bad memories like that jewellery from an ex fiancé who ditched you at the altar, then sell to a gold pawn shop Brisbane.

Pawnbrokers have extensive experience with gold, especially jewellery. When you take your gold to a pawnbroker he will weigh and test the jewellery for purity. The weight and purity are used to determine the value of your gold. He will then make an offer based on that price. You can accept or reject the offer.

You have two options when it comes to pawning, you can either sell or pawn your items to a gold pawn shop Brisbane.

Selling vs pawning

Selling gold involves relinquishing ownership of your gold for cash.Pawning gold on the other hand, refers to temporarily relinquishing ownership of your gold jewellery. At face value, pawning sounds  like a better option because you aren’t parting with your goldpermanently.You can use the same gold some time in the future to get cash. However, pawning does not guarantee a lot of cash. Not only do you have to pay back the loan amount, but you have to contend with interested fees and other additional fees.

The most important benefits of pawning is that you can get your gold back after repaying the pawn. Another benefit is that when you pawn gold jewellery, your credit score will not matter. Pawning gold is a quick way to get quick cash with no hassles. You don’t have to wait for days or months to get the money like you would have to when applying for a loan from a bank. Approval is instant, you can walk out of a pawnshop with money in your pocket.

If you can’t repay your loan on time, the pawn broker will sell your gold items to other customers, however you can choose to sell your gold to the pawn broker. Is it better to sell than to pawn? What are the benefits of selling instead of pawning?

The main benefit is that you can get more for money for your gold when you sell. For instance, if you have gold jewellery or gold coins with worth $900, you may get a loan amount of $300. If you decide to sell you could close to $600. Furthermore, the money you get for gold is yours. You don’t have to pay it back. Pawnshops enable you to get rid of the gold you no longer like or need. You don’t have to worry about interest and additional fees. When you sell to a gold pawn shop Brisbane you can get the money to replace the old things with new ones. Selling is a one time deal which means you won’t be able to rely on the same items for future loan.

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