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What are some of the important things to know before playing rust?


Since rust was released, it is over twelve months now. People don’t seem to get tired of the game. It is a very interesting game but very complicated to play. Even those who have played the game for twelve months, they still haven’t mastered the game features completely. It is complicated to the extent that some players have decided to use the shortcut means to record good results. Am talking about the use of rust cheats. Apart from the cheats, there are other important things that any new rust player must be aware of before playing the game. Below are some of the facts

Focus on your tools

You should focus on your tools instead of focusing on your weapons. When you start the game or when you spawn into any server, you will be faced with a choice of choosing garnering tools or weapons.  The game involves hunting animals, mining nodes as well as building bases. When playing, keep in mind that you have to build your resources as first as possible. To build up resources, you will need a relevant tool and not weapons. That is why the weapons are not that important in the beginning. You will need to concentrate more on your tools. 

Do not trust anyone

When playing this game, you should know that everyone is there to be on top of the game. That means, they will use tricks and traps that can lure you into their mercy. It is important to only trust yourself. rust as a game is known for hosting merciless players. That is to means, any noble gesture must have a hidden agenda. That is why you should assume every player who is out there is there to get you. That way, you will have no mercy with anyone.

Take your revolver to use

When playing rust, make good use of your revolver. If you have managed to get through the first stages of rust game, you will need a powerful weapon. In that case, the revolver is the best shot that you have. This is the weapon that is known to be accurate and can cause damages as first as you wish. Apart from that, these weapons are preferred by so many players because it is not the expensive type. Its features make it the ideal weapon for any rust player.

Look for wood

When playing rust, you must collect enough wood for yourself. you can use the wood to build important bases. Apart from that, you can use the wood to build other weapons that can be used against other players. That said, whenever you see wood, you have to collect as much as you can. Reason being, it is a resource that every player will kill to have it.


This is a trick that is good for all those players who do not use rust cheats. It is advisable not to combat during the early stages of the game.

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