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Why Do We Love Desserts So Much?

Have you ever wondered why, even though we are overly full after eating dinner, that we still reach for the dessert menu and order a decadent dessert? If so, keep reading as we take a look at the reason behind our love for dessert.

Why Do We Love Desserts?

When our ancestors found a sweet food, it was a good indication that it was safe to eat. Food quality mattered to them and they valued highly nutritious ingredients. They combined protein and fat from meat with carbohydrates from fruits. With the invention of agriculture, people continued to enjoy sweet ingredients obtained from cultivated fruits, honey, and palm sugar. Refined sugar made it more convenient for people to create and make sweet desserts at home without having to purchase a lot of separate ingredients.

It’s In Our Genes

While most of use love to eat desserts, it appears that some have more tendencies toward sweets than others. A study conducted by Monell and the QIMR Berghofer Research Institute discovered that there is a part of our genes that influence our perception of sweet desserts. It seems that people with a weaker sensitivity for sweets tend to crave more sugar. If you really love eating desserts, it could be linked with your inability to satisfy your taste for sweets due to a certain genetic predisposition. There could be a variation in your taste receptor genes that may prefer sweet desserts compared to others.

It’s In Our Development Process

Children and younger people tend to enjoy desserts more than grown-ups. It’s linked to their development process. As part of their unconscious programming, sweet desserts have a high caloric content that’s useful for their growing bodies. Children who eat more calories have a better chance of survival from an evolutionary point of view.

High quality desserts are healthy and should become part of our daily diet. When making desserts at home, it is preferable to use little or no refined sugar. Natural sweeteners like ripe fruits and organic honey are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre.

Eating nutritious desserts should be part of our daily routine, especially after consuming a protein-rich meal. And, for many people, that means dining at Kaspa’s Desserts and trying one of their incredibly decadent desserts today.

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