Why Use Webinars For Your Digital Strategy?

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that you have a wide variety of resources, such as the webinar, to get the most out of each strategy that you implement in your brand. This not only helps you get leads and customers, but also allows you to build loyalty and make your brand fall in love.

What Is A Webinar?

The webinars are contained in video format, which is also primarily informational or educational, and shared via online. They are generally broadcasted live, although it is possible to record them and then broadcast the information. Some people use this resource, both paid and free.

In webinars, you not only have the option to transmit information or educate, but you can also use the space to interact with the people who are participating in it. Some platforms have public chat areas or a section to ask questions directly to the presenter.

Now, as a check out Minimice Group strategy, we can highlight several relevant aspects, and the time has come for us to develop this point.

Why Use Webinars For Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Webinars Help You Capture Leads

How those interested can register in your webinars is with their emails. In this way, you can already create your database and start taking those leads through your sales funnel.

Content Amplification

After finishing the webinar, you have the option to share the recording, either for free or by selling it. You can also share excerpts from the broadcast on your digital platforms or use questions they asked you to generate additional content.

Tracking Leads

By having the emails of all those interested in your webinar, you can follow them up once it’s finished. Also, depending on the topic in which they have registered, you can segment them and send them information adapted to that. This is a way to keep them attracted to you and want more information.


With webinars, your audience can be from anywhere in the world, as long as they speak your language. Being a tool that only requires the internet and an electronic device, you increase the possibilities of having anyone within your transmission.