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You will never be hired in a corporate office until you have got a good experience

If you are looking to earn some amount of money and are not experienced as of now, then no one will offer you a job. Obviously, every organization looks for competent people who are experienced enough to run an organization. However, they have very weak criteria for judging the abilities of the individuals.

Daily expenses are too much that they would make you a lot worried

They only keep experience on everything above and if you are not an experienced individual then consider yourself out of the consideration. In this way, young individuals who are studying right now and cannot afford the expenses of their studies need something to finance their education and other daily life expenses.

Fresh graduates face a lot of difficulties

Also, there are many people who have just been graduated but are unable to find the right job for themselves just because the organizations demand around two to three years of experience which is obviously insane for a fresher.

Freelancing is the key

So, in this way, freelancing has been the only choice. However, if you take freelancing seriously then it is definitely going to give you a lot of returns if you are willing to work hard and Create a portfolio [ทำportfolio, which is the term in Thai] for yourself.

Nonetheless, you must keep one thing in mind that you will have to wait. You can become a freelancer and can look forward to being a part of call center staff [พนักงาน Call Center, which is the term in Thai] or anything else you may like.

You will definitely have to wait for the right things to happen because the best things only come to those who have the potential of waiting with great patience.

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