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You Would Encounter These Amazing Facts Living in Ohio

The U.S. News & World Report released a ranking in 2020 listing the best cities in the U.S. to live or retire. Don’t be surprised, six Ohio cities made it in. They consider various factors to reach this conclusion including job opportunities, housing rates, cost of living index, quality of life, net migration and desirability. Ohio is the underrated and ‘not-so-much’ explored state which has a growing economy and unusual charm of a mid-western state.

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When you start living in Ohio you would find some interesting facts – 

Friendly Residents

Who doesn’t know people in mid-western states are polite and friendly? You would even find random strangers chatting up with you when you are waiting in line or wishing you luck for your future accomplishments. Sounds strange right? Well, it is absolutely true when we say they are so friendly.

Having Fun in Amusement Parks

Ohioans love to spend their weekends in amusement parks. The Cedar Point is a very famous spot. It is called the world’s roller coaster capital. You would find it in Sandusky (near the coast of Lake Erie). Being the oldest theme park in the United States it holds the record of having 71 rides.

You Have Islands Here!

It’s quite surprising to know that Ohio has islands off the coast of Lake Erie. You can enjoy beach life during the summer, spring and fall seasons. Boating, Swimming, shopping, and partying, you won’t miss out on anything.

Love for Hot Dogs

You roam around in the streets of Ohio and feel hungry, you would find one or two hot dog places in short intervals. The reason is major German, Polish and Hungarian population of Ohio.

Culinary Innovations

Their love for hot dogs doesn’t restrict them from creating new recipes and including different cuisines.

Cheers for Beer!

They have about 251 breweries supplying wide varieties of beers. Above all, they are amazing.

They Are Serious About Arts

You will find some of the best arts museums in the country here. Toledo Museum of Art has a collection of over 30000 pieces of art. The world-famous Cleveland Orchestra is one of the celebrated symphonies.

Football Craze

They are literally crazy about football. They would cheer for their ‘Buckeyes’ wholeheartedly for every match.

Winter Gears Are Must

It’s really cold in Ohio. You should fill up your winter gear stock diligently. But you would find Ohioans donning minimum layers and walking around in cold like absolute hero.

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