7 Unique Gifts for Family and Friends Who Love Decorating their Gardens

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The atmosphere that you create in your garden can make your whole home extra cozy, and well, homey. However, it’s not only the plants, shrubs, and trees that can breathe life into an outdoor space. Garden ornaments are finishing touches that let you add character to this part of your home. They also add a more inviting appeal.

If you have relatives and friends who also find joy in sprucing up their gardens, this read is for you. We’ve listed down seven unique personalized gifts that they’ll surely love.

Welcome to our home lantern. Your garden will greet your guests upon entering your property. With this customizable black metal lantern, you can make that greeting oh-so-sweet. Its wrap-around design features a spacious white wood-themed background complete with flowers at the bottom part. Underneath the delicately written “Welcome to our Home” script, you can add your family name and your family’s “established” date.

Bless this home lantern. Gardens are a great space where people can bond, dine, jam, or simply share some heart conversations. If you’re looking for personalized gifts for garden lovers within your circle, this burnished copper glazed lantern should be on your list. The words “Bless this home with love and laughter” can help you further convey your well-wishes to the recipient.

Touch of nature lantern. Gardening is a hobby that helps lessen stress levels and make you appreciate nature better. This lantern is made of iron and acrylic panels aptly decorated in a soft floral pattern, capturing this very essence of gardens. Despite its intricate appeal, it’s highly durable — and safe even for kids.

Mr. & Mrs. personalized wind chimes. The sweet-sounding music that comes from wind chimes can be symbolic of how harmonious marital relationships should be. This wind chime is ideal for a couple who are also devoted gardeners. It comes with an adjustable striker to help them find the perfect tone for them.

Love grows in her garden personalized wind chime. Simply beautiful yet utterly poetic, this wind chime is one of those personalized gifts that are sure to leave a warm smile on the recipient’s face. Its bronze-colored tubes sound off resonant melodies, and the wind sail included can be customized with the recipient’s first name. Underneath the name is a lovely phrase embodying what every gardener wants to achieve: “where flowers bloom and love grow”.

One happy retiree wind chime. Many retirees turn to gardening as a way to spend their time. It’s a hobby that’s not only beneficial for their health — it also helps in providing fresh, cool air to their homes. If someone you know has recently retired and become a certified garden-lover, this is the perfect gift for time. As flowy as the breeze, this wind chime is a reminder of how they should enjoy their freedom after years of hard toil.

Friends are the sunshine Pewter wind chime. Well-maintained gardens can add a sunny vibe to homes — just like what genuine friends do in your life. Whether there’s an occasion or not, this durable Pewter powder coated chime can help you show how much you appreciate your friends. You can also add a personal message and have it engraved at the back of the wind sail.

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