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Bondic Gel – Is it Better Than Traditional Glue?

The number of time glue lets us down because it either doesn’t stick correctly or it just makes a mess by sticking to our fingers. Trying to fix broken toys that traditional glue just does not seem to work with or glue that attempts to fix something much worse, so we end up having to throw it out. Well, luckily someone got fed up with the nuances of glue products and created a new type of glue called Bondic gel.

Bondic gel works where glue has failed us so many times. No longer will you go to the cupboard or garage where you store your glue only to find it has dried out or clumped together ultimately sending you on an unwanted trip to the store for more. You will also be able to avoid that sticky finger situation that eventually results in dry and crusty glue fragments stuck to your fingers for days.

In the past, the problems that came with using glue were something we all put up with, but now Bondic (bondic pegamento) does away with the negative perils of traditional glue products by making life easy.

It is essentially a liquid plastic that will only harden when you use it and not while sitting in storage. That also means when you finish using the Bonic glue product, you can wash your hands and not have to put up with that awful dry glue hand that we are all familiar with.

There are four easy steps to using Bondic glue which are:

  1. Clean
  2. Fill
  3. Cure
  4. Shape

Not only does it dry and stick things such as toys or broken lamps, but it also looks inconspicuous. Plus, the more you use it, the more pro you become at fixing and saving broken items around the house. You will end up saving countless items around your house.

Another advantage to Bondic glue is that is strong. The inventor knew that even though solving the issue of sticky fingers and dried out glue while in storage would be a key selling point for Bondic to become widely accepted, it also needed to be strong when applied.

Now Bondic will stand the test of time too. If you fix a broken lamp, you may knock it over once or twice, but that is not the ultimate test of Bondic (pegamento bondic). The ultimate test is how it performs with items such as kids’ toys. And it passes this test with flying colors. After using the Bondic solution, you can hand your toy back to your child and the area fixed using the Bonic will hold up through rough playtimes for years to come.

If you are fed up with traditional gel, then go online and search for Bondic glue or Bondic gel solutions. It is affordable, stores very well, will not stick to your fingers after use, it is strong as well as long-lasting and the results are far better than the results you will get using other glue products.

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