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Why Should I Convert To Rubber Floor Mats Right Now?

Floor mats in the car are a sensible investment and add value to a vehicle with an individual design. We would like to briefly explain what you need to consider when buying car floor mats and why rubber floor mats are a better choice in the wet season. Check commercial floor mats

Replacing the floor mats depends not only on the wear and tear but also on the time of year. The car manufacturers recommend their customers, especially rubber floor mats, for the wet autumn and wintertime. A diverse selection of custom-fit, high-quality rubber floor mats are available for almost all car models.

The Advantages Of Rubber Mats Over Velor Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats offer the best protection against dirt, water, snow, and mud, which tend to accumulate in winter. They can also be cleaned quickly and easily. The wet and cold weather can cause considerable damage to the interior of the foot, which is not visible at first glance.

The most common cause is that the moisture can penetrate through the velor mats into the vehicle floor and collect there. This source of moisture is often the main reason for mold stains and mold growth in the car, which an unpleasant odor can perceive. Furthermore, the windows fog up faster, which becomes a security risk.

If the fabric mats stay in the car and are not exchanged, this can lead to further consequences, such as corrosion on sheet metal parts in the vehicle floor. In a vehicle with mold, corrosion, and greasy surfaces, the resale value drops considerably, and you also damage your health.

If you have already identified problems of this type, seek professional help, they can help you remove the mold and mildew stains. One countermeasure is to replace the floor mats. Rubber mats were not very popular with consumers. That was due to their relatively simple design and negative experiences. Rubber mats in hardware stores often have an unpleasant odor, but this property is of poor quality.

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