How Parents Can Be Good Partners Of The School In Educating Your Kids

Like how the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Once you enroll your kid to a private school elementary, you should take note that it’s not only the teachers who are responsible for educating your child. You as a parent are highly encouraged to partner up with your academic institution of choice to better foster your child’s holistic growth.

In this article, we’ll comprehensively discuss how parents can be good partners of the school in educating children.

Education Is A Collaborative Effort

Training up a child is a collaborative endeavor that can only be effective if both parties will take an active role in achieving a common goal. Unfortunately, the United States is seeing a low parental participation, as backed by a study conducted by the University of Phoenix.

In the said survey, three out of five K-12 teachers state that less than 25% of their students’ parents get involved with school matters. And those who fully participate in the students’ classroom only take up around 6% of the populace.

Fostering An Effective Partnership: Notes For Parents

If you are a parent who has enrolled your kid to a private school elementary, here are some ways how you can develop an effective parent-school partnership:

Be transparent. Before the school year starts, it’s better to let teachers know significant events in your child’s life. For instance — Is the family financially struggling? Or is there a serious illness in the household? Being transparent about things like this can help teachers better understand the behavior of your child.

Communication is key. Keep your communication line open with your child’s mentors. Don’t wait until there’s actually an issue to be resolved. Keep yourself updated about how your kid fares in school.

Set realistic goals. While at it, don’t hesitate to ask the teachers about your child’s areas for improvement — and how can these be addressed collaboratively. Set and agree upon realistic goals for your child. And as mentioned, regularly communicate about the progress.

Volunteer and donate. Take the time to volunteer in the classroom. It won’t only be of big help to the teachers, but it can also help boost the morale of your kid. You can also donate classroom supplies.

The School’s Role

As mentioned, educating children is a shared responsibility between parents and learning institutions (whether it’s a private school elementary or not). While the abovementioned tips touch on the role of the parents, below we’ve also listed how schools and teachers should take part in this collaborative endeavor:

Create and maintain a learning environment where the students — and the parents — can feel safe and secure.

Establish that the institution welcomes and encourages partnerships with parents and families.

Observe respect whenever parents speak up about their thoughts and goals for their children.

Treat parents as an integral part of educating the students by resolving disagreements through mutual problem-solving.

Always concentrate on determining a positive course of action when addressing the students’ areas for improvement.

Foster a sense of community and encourage parents to get involved in classroom and school activities.

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