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Ways To Get Your Frenchie Used To Wearing Clothes

If you are a dog owner and have done your research well, you probably know how important it is for your Frenchie to be well clothed. But, getting clothes for your Frenchie isn’t as easy as it sounds. First of all, you need to keep in mind the four most important points, before choosing the perfect clothing for your Frenchie, the measurement, and the comfort level that your Frenchie is going to get from that particular clothing.

It isn’t easy to make your Frenchie used to clothes

You may have got the best pair of clothes for your French bulldog but that isn’t enough. Most Frenchies don’t like wearing clothes. Though they are prone to overheat, yet wearing clothes is foreign to them and they might react because of it. There are a few ways to make your Frenchie get used to wearing clothes. Before you embark on the journey of making them love clothes, you need to be ready to have a lot of patience.

Get hold of comfortable and easy fit clothes

If you can get hold of a cloth that can be easily used, it can work wonders. The first experience has to be a good one if not better. Make sure that the very first cloth that your Frenchie dog will wear is easy to put on and pull off. If that is right or has any other defects and hurts the dog in some way, it will be a very difficult task to get them used to clothes.

Keep changing the clothes

Just like we humans keep on changing our clothes several times in a day, take that extra effort for your Frenchie as well. You know the benefits of clothes for your Frenchie but they aren’t aware of it. It will take time and effort from both sides to get used to clothes. If you keep on changing their clothes several times a day, they will soon get used to it and will be able to overcome the fear and accept it.

Reward them

 The more you award them, the better they perform. Every time your Frenchie can put in that dress without any effort, it deserves a treat, a caress, or some positive reinforcement.

Now you can style them up

By following the above-mentioned steps, getting your Frenchie used to clothes won’t be that difficult. Once they are used to clothes, you can go wild with Frenchie shopping and get the most adorable stuff. It’s time for the Frenchie owners to have some fun, after such hard work. You can now experiment and dress up your Frenchie the way you want.

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