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How to differentiate between class 1, class 2 and class 3 type digital signature?

Digital signatures have led a revolutionary change in the processes of document verification and have decreased signature frauds at significant rates which is truly noteworthy at the moment. With more and more involvement of digital signatures in today’s world there is also a need to distinguish between whom to provide digital signatures. With companies and individuals requiring more and more reasons to possess digital signatures, these signatures have been divided into three parts with class 1, class 2 and class 3 respectively. There are various reasons to do so and rightfully each classes provide authenticity for a certain sect of people or group of people. Hence before buying any digital signature you must know which class do you need and why must you buy digital signatures for your own sake.

What are class 1 and class 2 type signatures?

Class 1 type digital signature is the most easy of the three versions to get as only individuals would be possessing these types. These types do not require any wayward verification and can be generated quite easily without any hassle. This for the most part is what an individual looking to just authorize their documents would look to. Also class 2 type digital signature are possessed by individuals looking to run a business. Business type digital signature are basically the class 2 and class 3 digital signatures and class 2 type digital signature is a little hard to get considering the document verification and business document verification required. Class 2 signatures do require you to wait a little after the application process have been completed as these types are sophisticated ones and are not the types that class 1 possess in itself. You can find numerous websites providing the services of class 1 and class 2 digital signatures for anyone who wish to avail such service.

How is class 3 digital signature different from class 1 and class 2?

Class 3 type digital signatures are require if you want to have a digital signature for your company. All the company authorisation and document verification would require you to have class 3 digital signatures as the means of checking the authenticity of documents. Class 3 digital signature is also needed by groups or individuals who wish to work for the government by acquiring tenders. The government have these rules of handing over tenders to those company possessing class 3 digital signatures as class 3 signatures are the most important of all. Also it is way harder for anyone to get a class 3 signature than the other two ones because of the document verification needed by the certifying authority. The concerned authority will have to thoroughly go through the company details and whether or not a class 3 digital signature would at all be presented to the very company. This is to ensure clear cut exemption for legit companies trying to get their company working and also those who are willing to avail tenders from government and work for them.

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