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Want to be the boss then start a business:

Everyone wants to be the boss but not everyone becomes it. It is only because of the lack of money and proper Funding source [แหล่งเงินทุน, which is the term in Thai]. Finding the right funding source would be very helpful in order to start any kind of business. Let’s be very practical most of the people wants to start the business. Some of them want to become the boss and some of the tired of working for someone else or frustrated on their boss. But to start the business it requires money. A person can afford 50 to 60% of the total investment but what about the rest amount. The rest amount can be generated through a funding source.

But finding a funding source would be a very difficult task for anyone. Because not everyone will show interest in someone’s business plan. And that makes it much more difficult. Because not every bank will give the loan. But now there are major companies in the market who provide a funding source to a good business plan. If the business model is good then try to approach such private funding company. It will surely be going to help.

Start the business by showing the perfect business plan and get the money

The business model should be unique and perfect. So, in the future, it will generate money. And this will be the assurance for any company who provides the loan. If the business model is nice then everyone wants to invest in that business. Because only good things have a future in the market. And the market automatically kicks out the bad one. Even it got some funding.

So, it is very important that the person who is going to approve the loan must be impressed with the business model.

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