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Preventing Problems in Dryers through Simple Maintenance

Electronic appliances need more care and protection. Maintaining these appliances will help in increasing their life and improving their efficiency. People in big cities like Los Angeles pay keen attention towards problems occurring in their clothes dryers and try to reduce them through early maintenance. Sometimes, even after doing heavy maintenance of the dryers, they produce some problems which can be easily solved by going for a dryer repair Los Angeles.

Tips for Preventing Dryers from Fire Risk

Many people are facing problems in dryers related to fire risk. These problems are caused due to several reasons, but are easy to handle if identified at the proper time. Some of the precautions and solutions you can follow to save your dryer from fire risk are as follows:

  • The main cause of fire is overheated dryer. Check the dryer vent from outside and ensure the outward flow of exhaust air. The reason for no discharge of strong air may be blockage in the exhaust duct. Disconnect the duct from the dryer and remove the blockage from the path. If the blockage is due to building up of lint, then clean it thoroughly and reconnect the duct properly before using the dryer.
  • Your dryer can be on fire risk if the clothes are not drying properly, they are getting too hot than normal, dryer is getting hot or the vent flapper is not opening fully. The reason for that may be the lint trap. To clean it, remove the filter from dryer and the lint. Try cleaning it after every use of dryer.
  • Avoid using plastic foils in dryer ducts as they are flammable and thus can lead to fire risks. Always use rigid metal ducts as they allow maximum discharge of dryer air.
  • Never dry clothes having stains of cooking oil, gasoline, etc. in the dryer as these substances can easily get inflamed. Wash these clothes several times with soap and then put them into dryer.
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