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What Are The Types Of Baby Strollers?

Now that you understand several points to consider before choosing between stroller models for your baby let’s show you the main differences between the most common strollers.

1. Classics Combined

These are the traditional stroller models, also called strollers. In general, they are solid and robust, being suitable for everyday use. Because they are versatile and feature-packed strollers, they are perfect for strolling around the neighborhood or shopping. Another advantage is that they can be used by both newborns and slightly larger babies, offering all the safety to the little one.

This model has several accessories included, which fit the stroller, such as baby comfort and base to be used in the car. There are also modular ones in which the seat direction can be changed. It may also feature other convenient features such as storage baskets and cup holders.

2. Foldable

Also known as a lightweight stroller or umbrella stroller, this model is narrower and lighter than the traditional one. For the baby’s safety, it has a belt between the legs, waist, or shoulders, which prevents it from slipping if not being watched.

The shape and lightness of the cart make it very easy to put it in or remove it from the car’s trunk or load it on the bus and subway, for example. It can be closed with the use of just one hand. The cart is also the most recommended for trips, as it does not take up as much space in the car and even fits in aircraft carry-on luggage.

3. For Twins

The model for twins has a double seat, allowing you to accommodate both babies at the same time comfortably. In addition to being suitable for twins, this type of stroller is also suitable for a family with two small children born in close pregnancies.

The advantage of this model is that only one person is needed to handle the cart. Thus, it is a good alternative when the mother or father goes out alone to walk with the little ones.

4. Three Wheels

A stroller with three wheels is recommended when the baby has a sporty or adventurous mother or father. In addition to the practicality of this model, with it, the little one can accompany their parents on walks and other outdoor activities without compromising their comfort and safety.

5. Reversible

The reversible stroller allows you to change the chair’s position while riding. This way, the baby can face forward and admire the view or be positioned so that he is looking at you. This feature is very pleasing to parents, as there is no need to change the handle or seat to change the position, bringing much more convenience.

After knowing the types of wonderfold baby strollers and checking all the tips we present in this article, it will undoubtedly be easier to choose the most suitable model for your needs. If necessary, consider purchasing more than one model to be used on different occasions.