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What Is A GED Exam

Assuming you have not gotten a high school diploma yet, a GED is an equivalent credential for you. But first, what is a GED? What’s the full meaning? The GED is an important credential which can be a substitute.

For a high school diploma, it’s a very good idea to get a GED exam and a GED tutor (ติว GED which is the term in Thai) if you didn’t finish up high school or if you didn’t attend high school at all, because most employees accept the GED. Getting a GED gives you more opportunities in life.

What Is A GED And What’s The Difference Between GED And A High School Diploma

A GED which stands for General Education Development is an exam that measures if a student has the academic skills that is equivalent to students graduating high school. Students who dropped out of school, but are bothered about their prospects without a diploma, usually ask where should I study GED (เรียน GED ที่ไหนดี which is the term in Thai)? There are 4 content areas which comprise the GED exam connects to the 4 most special subjects in high school.

  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Reasoning through language arts

This type of test has been updated right from the 2002 version to get a deeper understanding of the advanced reasoning skills.

When you pass the GED exam, a GED credential will be given to you. It may be a certificate or diploma depending on the particular state. A GED certificate is seen as a valid high school diploma. In addition, some employees will choose high school diploma holders over those with GED because of the different skills they measure. Since you can take the GED in only one test, thou it has a series of test, it not seen as a comparison with the high school education.

 If you are still at the age of 20, though rules differ in some States, and you have the opportunity to return to high school, I strongly recommend that you go for a GED diploma than that of the high school.

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