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Read this to know if you want your child to pass out from a renowned institution:

It is very difficult nowadays to take admission in a top college. There is cut throat competition out there of which one should be aware of. As a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your kids’ studies so they can secure themselves a place in such an institution. Most companies these days hire their employees if they are passed out from a prestigious school. Therefore, there is no reason to lose out on getting a good college. It might seem difficult to have the skills to be able to get an admission in such highly renowned colleges but the truth is you need to be planned beforehand. Do your research on how to get admission in your desired college and prepare your child to develop those certain required skills.

Consider doing everything that could help you to stand out:

There are thousands of students out there competing to get that one seat in their desired college. In order to stand out, you might not need to be a unique gifted child but to play it smart. For example, students who knows more than one language suddenly stands out in the eyes of the person responsible for giving admissions. It would be a wise decision to get your child to learn Chinese from Chinese Language Institution [สถาบัน สอน ภาษา จีน, which is the term in Thai] as it is considered to be the toughest language to master.

Explore your hobbies to compensate for your weaknesses:

Every student has their unique hobbies in which they are interested in. It is important to go deeper and explore them. As you try to be good at it, you can add that certain skill set to your portfolio. If in case, you marks are not enough to make  it up the cut off percentage, you still have the chance to impress the hiring person by your unique skill set in other departments.

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