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Know about the most worrying constraint of the modern technology:

Technological advancements of this generation have surpassed imagination of most people. Yet the main purpose of technological advancement is defeated in this era of globalization. The main objective of technological advancements is to provide better technological solutions to the most common people. But the main constraint that one can see in today’s era is that even though the innovations are there from the technological experts, its reach has not been well. The major technologies that are now being developed are too much expensive for common people to use. However, in recent times more affordable industrial solutions have come to fore. These technologies are developed so that even the people from the very lowest strata can get a hold of the technologies.

Know more about the most affordable and promising technology available – Dual core server system:

Now one of the most promising yet affordable technology that has been available in the market fir sometimes now is dual core server systems. Dual socket servers are basically server systems with two cute working around the main motherboard. It is one of the most reliable server systems out there. As the sever system has dual core it can take more work load than the basic single socket server systems. The cooling requirements and hardware setup is somewhat higher in this case, but it matches the efficiency levels expected from this system. On the other hand the price of it is the affordable range for small scale industries and business owners.

Get the best quality dual-core system online in Thailand:

In Thailand, the best dual-core server system that is a currently available system for purchase is Dell PowerEdge T440. It is one of the most advanced and recently launched server system. So if you are interested in buying this product, then you are making no mistake here.

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