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How to Choose the Right Bar Stool For Your Needs

As the breakfast bars and the dining counters are becoming common these days, the bar stool has become one important kitchen essential. But, before you start to plan for buying such stools, there are certain things you must consider like what you want- swivel or stationary? You just simply want to sit or move around? Even the height is also an important factor to consider. Here in this post below you will come to know about the types of bar stools you can get depending upon your requirements. You can choose the stool as per your height requirement, privacy and the material it is made with. 

  1.   Choosing The Right Height Of The Stool

Choosing the right height is very important when you are choosing the bar stool. There is nothing worse than having a stool that is too short or too tall to sit. It will make you feel uncomfortable as well. The first consideration you can make while choosing the stool is the height. The counter stools are 24-24” high. They are best for the surfaces that are 36”. It is the standard size of the kitchen counters. These bar stools are typical for kitchens and bar regions.  You can get the right bar stools in NZ or from other location at an affordable rate. Some other stools are like the classic bar stools and the extra tall bar stools.

  1.   Choosing The Right Style

While picking the best stool for your bar, the next consideration to make is the style. There are various styles available in the market for the stools. No matter what type of stool you choose, it should bring out the best look at the interiors. There are various styles of stools available as like the backless, swivel, with arms and upholstered. The backless is the one that is not having a back support. The armed one is the stool that has the arm support, the swivel is the one that can easily rotate and the upholstered stool is like a typical chair. 

  1.   The Space Is The Factor

Besides the surface height, the space is also an important factor to consider. It is important to know the length of the bar or countertop before buying the stool. This measurement will tell you how many stools you want to buy. This ensures the proper placement of the same. When placing the stool, you should check the legroom space and the private space. 

  1.   Choosing the material

When buying the stool, you can go for the varied materials used for making the chairs. The common materials are like wood, metal, and rattan. The wooden stools are solid in nature and they fit nearly every type of aesthetic. You can go for the denser wood varieties like eucalyptus, acacia, and teak for a better finish. The metal and rattan are the other two varieties for the material to choose for stools. 

These are few points to keep in mind while choosing the designer and affordable bar stool in NZ or at other location. Find the best bar stool and design your own bar.

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